nancy michael
20+ | he/him
software dev student

it's just me and michael, solid as they come... me and michael, it's not a question now...

welcome to my website! i'm an artist, writer and software development student from scotland. this is my personal site where i post about assorted projects and stuff. i hope you enjoy your time here! i've been making websites for over five years now, but this is the first one i've coded from scratch. please let me know if you notice any bugs!

there's no real theme or anything to my website, i just kind of put everything here. feel free to check it all out! i've been trying to move away from the typical social media sites, so this is my attempt at that.

current fandom: purse owner 2, unfortunately
blorbo of the week: jun kurosu
currently playing: fear and hunger
currently reading: house of horrors - nigel hawthorne

i have lots of hobbies and interests! i love roleplaying, retro technology and gaming, and in my spare time i am a cosplayer and drag queen. you may be able to tell, but i love clowns a lot! i collect clowns, cassettes, and records. i also love collecting fanzines!!

i have a particular love for old websites but especially old text based mmo games. please recommend me some if you know any!

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